Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So summer has began to fade ... I can feel the crispness returning to the morning air!
The summer has been quite a journey. I have learned many things during the last three moons.
One that seems so prevalent to me now, which is learning how to contribute socially yet not at my own expense... It is such a fine line. I am grate-full to my friend, Jim Belcher, for helping to firmly display this lesson to me. This has been a hard lesson to take in,especially at the height of being involved with many organizations and groups, that require my time.

I was blessed to travel to England with my family. We learned so much about the harvest time of the year. We were able to identify several indigenous edible plants and trees. The land was laden with the fruits of the growing season. I find myself sitting in gratitude frequently for all the amazing experiences of this past year...

I hope that everyone will take the time to go outside
and revel in the crispness of the morning air!